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"Long term worklessness has a huge impact on families and can lead to behaviours of despair.We very much support the need for early support for families where there are these kinds of problems." Chris Huhne, the Liberal Democrats' shadow home secretaru, added: "The 1950s seem in retrospect like a settled decade, but a lot was swept under the carpet and behind the twitching net curtains.We only have to look at the levels of crime, particularly violent crime, to register just how dramatic a change has occurred." There were now more violent crimes recorded by the police in the past 12 months than between 19, he said.

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In his later years was plagued by ill health, but continued writing, and posting on his blog.

As a result, teen culture flourished: High schoolers spent more time with their friends, up to four nights a week, and less time with their families, according to Weigel.

Previous convention said a chaperone was needed in order to engage in courtship, but these "wild young people" (as one publication referred to them) bucked tradition.

Described by one critic as a "teddy boy modernist", his experimental works were often short, challenging and humorous.

His one-line poem University Days simply read "this poem has been removed for further study".

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