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Only I found was Az DGDating, but doesn't cover many aspects of a full-blownmatch making site.

Does anybody know of a good and FREE dating/personals script?

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and is perfect for dating software development and community script programming.

PHP dating script solutions prove to be faster than those running on ASP engines.

Everybody, who starts a dating site, wants to earn with such a web-site. The price of the package is 790 Euros and can be installed on one domain only L Pretty expensive. The same as the previous one but with a dedicated server. No info about that.) and 290 Euros monthly fee (does this include the dedicated server maintenance? And the pricelist for additional services of Dating. Now let's see how Dating's registration process works. It is good: Don't see any information concerning the obligatory fields. Um, so how about engaging them in a conversation Monday through Friday and commenting on what occured? The main difference between this solution and the others of such kind is that it is based on (Active Server Pages), developed and marketed by Microsoft Corporation. The technology is more complicated than PHP and it can be seen as a disadvantage. Here what we can see in Edit Languages section: Clicked on “Edit” for English language: Seems that with “Edit Languages” Dating means that you can change the name of the language. At least I could find nothing else to change in Languages section. That’s bad if you take a hosted solution, your site has problems on Friday evening and there’s nobody to fix it until the morning of Monday. I think that there is no need to write a conclusion. /p ASP dating software | By: Guy Not Important | Aug 21, 2011 I was interested in thier software so much that I spent the last 4 days evaluating my options for hosting providerse as mine does not support Asp! NET platform and is intended to create web-applications. Tried to go and edit some words in the language files. Seems they don’t work on week-ends (review is written on Saturday).i want to give my dating site software source code is in with vb and sql server 2005 how can i give it to the community, i want it to be available in downloads section Some of the Starter Kits were developed by Microsoft people purely for the purposes of sharing within the Community section of this site.Others were developed by selected MVPs to showcase certain aspects of ASP. The remainder began life as Open Source Projects hosted on codeplex etc, and were deemed good enough to be included in the approved list of Starter Kits and Community Projects.

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