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Today’s Project Catapult combines an FPGA integrated into nearly every new Microsoft datacenter server with a unique distributed architecture.

The distributed architecture deploys FPGAs as an addition to each datacenter server, rather than a bolt-on isolated cluster, to create an “acceleration fabric” throughout the datacenter.

A structure which provides an auxiliary source of thrust to a missile or aircraft; must combine the functions of directing and accelerating the missile during its travel on the catapult; serves the same functions for a missile as does a gun tube for a shell.

“To innovate, we need open centres where academia and business can get together and drive forward great ideas into manufactured products.

The Power Pro RTL Low-Power platform provides a complete solution to accurately measure, interactively explore and thoroughly optimize power during the RTL development cycle.

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From these high-level descriptions, the HLS products automatically generate production-quality RTL which dramatically shortens both design and verification time in hardware design flows.

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One that can compute machine learning and deep learning algorithms at a combination of speed, efficiency and scale unmatched within the industry.

Today nearly every new server in Microsoft datacenters is equipped with a powerful Catapult FPGA accelerator board.

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