Consolidating contracting

“The problem is that we don’t go back and look five years down the road to see whether they were right when they said they would save, say, 20 percent by bundling a contract, so there are no ramifications for being wrong,” Dodds said.

the term “consolidation of contract requirements”, with respect to contract requirements of a Federal agency, means a use of a solicitation to obtain offers for a single contract or a multiple award contract— to satisfy 2 or more requirements of the Federal agency for goods or services that have been provided to or performed for the Federal agency under 2 or more separate contracts lower in cost than the total cost of the contract for which the offers are solicited; or The head of each Federal agency shall ensure that the decisions made by the Federal agency regarding consolidation of contract requirements of the Federal agency are made with a view to providing small business concerns with appropriate opportunities to participate as prime contractors and subcontractors in the procurements of the Federal agency.

A recent investigation by the agency into one of GSA’s newly bundled contracts for office supplies, for example, which garnered protests from several small businesses, found that officials never conducted the required assessment because the contract was not marked as bundled.

However, both by cutting down on the number of awards and by seeking companies that can handle larger orders, some say the initiative has made it much more difficult for small contractors to compete for work.

“So, we kept asking for the bundling validation, and they told us that it wasn’t bundled, so they don’t need a justification.” In response, Graves recently introduced legislation that would require the SBA to more closely monitor data on bundled contracts and hold other agencies more accountable for properly labeling awards and conducting the mandatory impact analysis.

Murphy says she’s “very confident” the proposal will be included in the annual defense budget authorization bill hammered out by Congress later this year. Kenneth Dodds, director of the SBA’s government contracting office, noted that contracting officers are not required to go back and review whether their analysis — including the expected government savings — were accurate.

Emily Murphy, senior counsel for the House Small Business Committee, agreed.

After inquiries from the committee’s chairman, Rep.

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