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Katherine is a VERY strong woman, and perhaps more woman than Vince can handle.

She is very demanding in the relationship and she isn’t above lying or manipulating Vince to play on his emotions to make him more sympathetic to her and try to rush him into a marriage that he isn’t even sure he wants. Catherine is so cute, youthful, sexy, flirty, etc; while Katherine exudes maturity, calmness, intelligence, and a sort of refined elegance which is also sexy in it’s own right.

Around this same time, Vince suddenly meets Catherine, a girl who only wants a no-strings-attached sexual relationship. Music: 10/10 The music in this game is composed by Shoji Meguro and is often compared to the soundtracks of Persona 3 and Persona 4.

She makes Vince feel alive, and young, and free, and all of the qualities that Katherine lacks, Catherine has in spades. Go back and beg Katherine for forgiveness, turn your back on her and continue down the path of sin and lust with Catherine, or tell both girls to go F*** themselves and realize your own dreams and ambitions which is perhaps the best feeling of all. Atlus USA released a version of this soundtrack with their Love is Over limited edition release (pictured above).

However, when it comes to love, and a real lasting relationship, Catherine is too immature; she’s like Vince; she isn’t ready for all of that, and as the game progresses, Vince realizes that Katherine’s stability and commitment to him is something unique and special that Catherine can never offer him. However, the game never makes you feel like one ending or choice is better than the others. They aren’t “right or wrong” they’re just different choices. I also really like the artwork for the characters, Vince’s hair style is so cute. You can listen to the soundtrack on youtube below: Or you can pick the soundtrack online on sites like It’s out of print though and as of this writing goes for about .

Here’s a link where you can check the current prices. ie=UTF8&qid=1445396054&sr=8-1&keywords=catherine ost This is the full soundtrack which is DIFFERENT from the one that Atlus USA included in their special edition.

There’s also special box art for the 360 version, but I don’t have that, it is however, available, as well as the Love is Over edition, via the Amazon links above. You see, Vince is having bad dreams because he is worried about being caught cheating on his long-time girlfriend, Katherine with a K, with his hot new heartthrob, Catherine with a C.

There are numerous endings, including, good, bad, and true endings for each girl, and good, and true endings for Vince being single as well. The entire game is cel-shaded, in a way that’s never been done, before or since, at least not in any game that ever found it’s way to this side of the world. Gameplay 10/10: As mentioned above, the gameplay is really two fold.

You can then select Easy mode which will now become Very Easy.

In this mode, more powerups appear, and the nightmare modes are all the same as easy.

Tormented by feelings of guilt towards his longtime girlfriend, Katherine, Vincent begins to have nightmares each and every single night in which demons are chasing him. None of the characters are perfect, not Vince, nor Catherine, nor Katherine.

They all have flaws, they’re all equally to blame for any relationship problems within the course of the game; but they all have endearing qualities as well.

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