Deal breakers dating guy

It made me self-reflect about why I gravitated toward 'masculine' men, what this said about my perceptions of people, and challenged me to rethink how I've been affected by the notion of toxic masculinity.

And how I, too, have fallen prey to the idea that I was fed from 8th grade that your boyfriend should be a football quarterback with a muscle car.

Another sign of a controlling guy is someone who’s always talking about themselves, what they want, their dreams, their aspirations, where they live, what car they drive and so on.

Being rude to waitrons A man that’s rude to waiters is such a turn-off, and I think most women would agree with me.

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My current boyfriend of three and a half years took a few semesters off.

It was worth it, because he is still figuring out what he wants to do; and when he took the time off from school, he got a new job and then a nice promotion and pay raise." – Kayleigh"I used to say I would only date someone with blonde hair who surfed. I am currently with a partner who 'breaks' my deal breaker.

"Every now and then, you might be missing out because you're not stepping out of your comfort zone," Hope said."Not going to school or pursuing some kind of degree or certificate [used to be a deal breaker for me].

I work so hard to get the best life for myself and my future family, and I won't be with someone who isn't working just as hard.

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