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"I truly think the ultimate test in this life that God has placed on us is …

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"I've been really stressed out over these last couple weeks," Bland said. So if there are any of you dealing with these same things, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder, it's OK to talk about it.

If you are a cop out there watching this, here's your chance to say something and educate these kids." In perhaps the most poignant video, posted on March 1, Bland is open about her struggle with depression and how she sought to cope with it through prayer.

Autopsy results have concluded that she died of asphyxia by fashioning a plastic trash can liner into a noose.

In those extemporaneous videos, which range from two to eight minutes and were recorded with her phone, Bland talks about the importance of white and black people being able to openly discuss racism.

She faults white people for failing to grasp the more subtle racism that African-Americans deal with every day.

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