Haifa wehbe dating dating newspaper

Haifa is attracted to foreigners, exotic places, traveling and people who can expand her horizons, teach her something, or show her places and worlds she has never experienced before.

Sharing a philosophy or ideal with her love partner is important to her.

with multiple awards for her singing and acting achievements. Singing in both Arabic and English, she has impacted on the international music scene.

Her last album release - MJK, reached #1 on i Tunes World Music chart in both US and Canada .

Wehbe often appears irrational to others because she cannot always explain the reason or source of her feelings.Wehbe is likely to find fulfillment and harmony in love relationships because she knows what she wants and needs in a romantic sense and expresses her desires honestly.Haifa Wehbe loves to laugh, celebrate and enjoy herself with her companions.She has captivated the world starring alongside French Pro Footballer - Thierry Henry for a Pepsi advertisement that aired in the United States and had a long commercial association with the Pepsi brand, having been their spokesperson for a period of time as well as her appearance in Pepsi’s “Sea of Stars” feature film.Throughout her professional career, Haifa has built a strong, loyal and large 7-digit fan base worldwide.

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