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*You can spray the person coming after you, but if you spray the wrong person, you are out.***Again, contact HARRY PORTER ([email protected]) with any questions or clarifications about rules!The state law that classifies women such as Moore as sexual predators is - in the eyes of one defense attorney who has represented several women charged with the crime - just another way of hurting the true victims of abuse.

Moore is a repeat offender, having been convicted twice of being an HIV-infected prostitute before she was arrested a third time early this year, records show.Most hookers spend only a few hours or days behind bars when they're busted.Twenty-eight-year-old Tiffany Ann Moore of Knoxville may end up spending the next three to 15 years in a state prison cell for the crime of selling her own body.is the result of some kind of abuse or mental illness or addiction." Knoxville Police Department Sgt.Chris Baldwin said the aggravated prostitution law is a necessary tool for protecting public health.

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