Invalidating a session in java Knoxville phone chat lines

It comes with a UDP discovery mechanism, so you can add nodes without having to reconfigure the entire farm.

The TCP Lateral Cache works by establishing connections with socket server running on other nodes. Only one server is needed for any number of regions.

The My SQL version of the JDBC Disk Cache can optimize and repair tables.

The TCP Lateral Cache provides an easy way to distribute cached data to multiple servers.

The JDBC Disk Cache is a fast, reliable, and highly configurable disk cache.

It stores both the keys and elements in a JDBC compatible database.

The indexed disk cache follows the fastest pattern for disk swapping.

– Apurv Apr 23 '13 at @Apurv I've added some relevant bits of code to the question (tried not to cut out anything vital). – Gavin Apr 23 '13 at To the line loops through a list of selected session objects to invalidate, which gets populated via AJAX from a Rich Faces table in the front end.The Composite Cache orchestrates access to the various caches configured for use in a region.The JCS jar provides production ready implementations of each of the four types of are still processed (I see action methods being hit from console output), but no redirection or navigation works (appart from the logout link which calls invalidate on session A, and then redirects to the login page successfully).No errors or warnings show in the console, and this broken behaviour persists even after closing the browser window and reopening it back into the same session (A).

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