Kim kardashian amp amp reggie bush dating

I like Beyonce's jacket..I'm tired of Nariah, can we just post them when they're actually doing something work speaking on... i love kim, she is fine 2.....kelly is looks fab living the good life....mariah looks sooo happy, married life looks good on her....beyawnce and that hideous blond wig looks a mess and still fat...lmao!!! I don't know why....[/quote] I'm with you on his site is not keeping my interested at all.[/quote] Hey London's mommy!! Sooo I panicked, along with my mother b/c in this little town when they rob you, they kill you too.I'm just saying Nothing against Kimmie, but you can tell she's been hittin up Dr. [quote comment="398579"][quote comment="398570"][quote comment="398563"]I have nothing to say bout any of this....[/quote] GGG.... Been meaning to tell ya....since there's nothing else 2 talk about. She's on one end screaming "Dial 911" while I'm tip-toeing in the room trying not to make too much noise.I don't know why....[/quote] I'm with you on his site is not keeping my interested at all.[/quote] And its dumb late and stale as hell....*eyeing Tasha*[/quote] Love, I don't know if u saw my facebook status about scoring on and off the field.....[/quote] LOL...I did :shock: One of the messengers (most of them are special here) just scared the shit out of me..

Apparently this is how Kelly Rowland spends her days now. And Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush were spotted having a date night at Koi in L. More pics of B arriving to LAX: Ol girl looks like she's about to lose her mind. Kelly Rowland was chatting up a guy on Miami Beach yesterday: But left with her friend and puppy. she can sit on her ass and not work if shes chooses shes a millionaire just like Beyonce , kelly has a career especially over in Europe she has a whole hell of a lot of destiny child's money in the bank kelly never ever has to work again.. nick and Mariah are good together i think they really love each i hope they make it and stay together and have some babies soon..Ok now i'm off, lol [quote comment="398772"][quote comment="398763"][quote comment="398734"]Ladies, I'm just not feeling this today....I don't know why....[/quote] I'm with you on his site is not keeping my interested at all.[/quote] Ditto!I guess she is not as horrible of a whore because she is staying with Reggie as his career is failing and he looks kkushed and dry. I dont think she did anythign on that tape that no one else has done with their own man. He asked me to go put his football # in it too And miso, kiss my black ass![quote comment="398686"][quote comment="398658"][quote comment="398639"]Oh REggie you can turn a HO into a WHORE[/quote] Why does everyone think Kim is a HOE? And she and Ray J were a couple at the time she made that tape.[/quote] I don't think she is. Thankiez [quote comment="398755"][quote comment="398736"][quote comment="398723"][quote comment="398702"][quote comment="398695"]Why I was just scared shitless had to call the police and everything to my mom's house and come on here to see Reggie & Kim?? [/quote] I woke up to the loud banging noise coming from my parents' room.

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