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This will not apply to child pornographers or domestic abusers, however. Repeat offenders For a person convicted of some third felonies, judges will have the authority to shorten their post-prison probation period. It does not apply, however, in the case of violent crimes such as murder or kidnapping, certain types of fraud and child pornography.

Judges do not have that discretion under current law. Three-time felons Currently, people who are convicted of three felonies -- even non-violent crimes -- are not eligible for parole. 1, parole will be an option unless the third conviction was for a violent or sex crime.

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Additionally, a person found twice to be drinking alcohol could not be sent back to prison unless he or she was convicted of something related to drunk driving or domestic abuse. Easier to earn 'good time' Prisoners will be allowed more quickly to earn credit toward an earlier release and reduce their sentence.

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Parole for 1970s killers A group of 110 to 120 inmates who were convicted of second-degree murder in the 1970s will become eligible for parole once they have served 40 years in prison.

Currently, they are serving life sentences without any parole possibility.

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