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Another 1.4 million drivers were arrested for drunk driving, which each could have resulted in injury and Death.

And another 147 million people admitted to drinking and driving.

What happens if the registered EX-sex offenders fail to abide by any of the above? Two examples of how a person who had previously committed a sex offense gets arrested for a new sex crime.

If the victim didn't see anything, they continue to a rape kit and get DNA samples.People can say what they want about the registry not being punitive, but in reality it is punitive. Now, it is proven that less than 6% of the registered EX-offenders will commit a new sex crime; in fact, people who commit a sex offense have the second lowest recidivism rate. This is the same now with the registry as it was 25 years ago before the registry. That is the most absurd statement I have ever heard.A person on the registry cannot work, cannot live in most areas, cannot use the internet, cannot travel without notifying the police in person and in writing, cannot have an email address unless they register it with the police in person and in writing, have to register anywhere they are located for more than 3 days consecutively, or visits more than 6 times in a 6 month period, is not allowed into any public parks or pools, cannot attend schools, cannot obtain a visa for travel, must register phone numbers in person and writing to the police, and must register any changes of any of the above in person and in writing, and the list goes on, along with ignorant and angry citizens taking vigilante violence against these ex-offenders who have paid for their crimes. More than 80% of all sex offenses are committed by people who are not on the registry. I heard one reporter make a statement that a sex offender is like an alcoholic... Unless your definition of an alcoholic includes a person who takes one drink and never touches alcohol again.Click here to return to the page you were visiting.How does the sex offender registry protect society and children? The sex offender registry protects no one, and takes rights away from tax paying citizens who have paid their debt to society as defined by the courts. When a person is charged with a sex offense the police take DNA samples, photographs and fingerprints and put them in a nice little file.

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