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If you enable the Exchange Transport Decryption agent, Rights Management Services (RMS)-protected mail is not quarantined, though a record is still maintained in the incidents database.

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Maybe we breathe through it, or make it the focus of our meditation, or we just wail into the void, but we stay with it, for an hour or an evening or a good cry.

So, I thought about him, and wore my wedding rings at home and, for a couple evenings, I just missed him. My usual posts are about coping with loss through action, like setting up drinks with the girls or buying new throw pillows, like here and here.

Or I write about managing the cesspool that is online adult dating like here or here.

I’ve often thought that as we process our losses, we mutate.

For me, part of the mutation is accepting that I’ve become someone who’s unbearably sad sometimes. When I wave an irritatingly slow driver ahead of me so they can change lanes easily, that’s George. When I pay for services I could get cheaper elsewhere but I’ve known the people who help me for years, that’s George. When I told his parents I loved them, that was me and George wanting them to feel like they still had family.

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