Penguin seal carbon dating

Routine photographs were made and samples for radiocarbon dating were collected from a number of carcases.The position of 121 carcases was plotted; 72 of these were studied in detail, the remaining 49 being noted by expedition members engaged in geological and geophysical surveys.A proportion of the carcases found were examined in detail during the summers of 1957--59 by Barwick, and by Balham in 1957--60 seasons.The geographical location, altitude and situation of each seal carcase were recorded together with detailed biological observations.THE PRESENCE OF mummified seal carcases in both glaciated and ice-free regions of Mc Murdo Sound was first reported by early British expeditions (Scott, 1905; Wilson, 1907). The greater part of Victoria Land is completely glacierized; major glaciers flow eastwards from the inland ice plateau through the coastal ranges to the Ross Sea.

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For the greater part of its length the Wilson Piedmont has steep ice cliffs on the seaward side.

The majority of carcases were found in the lower parts of the valley floors: this was particularly true of the Wright Valley carcases.

Two-thirds of the carcases examined in detail were pointing either up-valley or down-valley, while the remainder showed a random heading in relation to topography.

The Lower Victoria Valley is formed by the convergence of the Upper Victoria, Barwick and Mc Kelvey Valleys and extends eastward to the Lower Victoria Glacier, a lobe of the Wilson Piedmont Glacier.

The floors of these valleys are thickly covered with moraine deposits and are higher than the floor of the Wright Valley east of Dais.

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