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2Sterile Preparations J&D Educational Services Table of Contents I. If someonecannot take medication by mouth because he is unconscious or vomiting, thenintravenous administration is the best route.

Describe some of the issues related to large volume parenteral solutions. Describe some of the issues related to small volume parenteral solutions. Discuss the equipment and facilities related to sterile preparations. Review the procedures related to sterile compounding. Discuss the procedure related to proper aseptic technique. Review quality control procedures related to sterile preparations. There are no barriers like skin ormuscle to absorb the drug first, which allow the most rapid onset of action.

The second type of administration is an IV infusion.

The amount of medication is usually a small volume pushed through an IV line that isalready in place on the patient.

Drugs that can be diluted to reduceirritation can be given only intravenously because the tissue and skin around the otherroutes of administration cannot accommodate large volumes. The first is an intravenous injection inwhich the prepared medication is drawn up into a syringe and administered immediately.

Overview of Sterile Compounding and the Role of the C. Since the inner lining of a vein is relativelyinsensitive to pain, drugs that can be irritating if given by another route can be givenintravenously as a slow rate without causing pain.

As pharmacists become part of a multidisciplinary, multi-skilled team toprovide quality patient care, they rely more and more on pharmacy technicians.

Technicians have now assumed many of the duties that were once performed by thepharmacist.

• A combination therapy that a prescriber desires, but that is not currently commercially available.Intermittent infusionsare used to administer a relatively small volume over a shorter time at specific intervals.The Role of the Pharmacy Technician The above reasons demonstrate why the need for compounding pharmacists will continueto grow and why the responsibilities and opportunities for pharmacy technicians are alsoincreasing. • Some drugs are unstable and require preparation to be dispensed every few days. • Some patients might be allergic to the diluents and preservatives in commercially available products.

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