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He was rushed to the hospital, where he lay in a coma for several days, and then, after drifting into consciousness, lay helpless only able to speak.

Nurses had to feed him, shave him, and carry him to the bathroom.

Doctors at the time predicted that he would never reach the age of thirty.

Raymond's adopted mother suffered from a lifetime affliction of diabetes and dropsy, which left her exhausted and debilitated.

He graduated with honors from Henager's Business College in Salt Lake City.

Because he had a photographic memory and a way with words, he wanted to go to law school.

Living in an era when natural remedies are much the fashion, we may often forget what a pioneer Dr.

Nevertheless, this driver convinced Ray's parents to take him to a chiropractor.

Along with the arthritis, he developed hardening of the arteries.

Despite the constant pain and suffering, young Ray was cheerful and optimistic.

Ray resisted with all he had, but they carried him out, and to the chiropractor they went.

Several days after his chiropractic treatment, Ray was working again at the office.

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