Sandra denton dating tom

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But they’re growing fewer in numbers as black women who date interracial…especially asian men…start to be seen more.

No matter how they fare in sex and romance, they’ve always got each other. *fist pump*So I’ve been checking out the reactions to this blasian pairing.Not only can a professional sister like Zoey Andata (Gabrielle Union) hook up with Demetri Noh (John Cho) on Flash Forward but if a down chick like Pep can cross a line to date a Chinese brother then maybe there aren’t as many blockades as we thought there were. Black women need to see there IS an asian man that will match them no matter their lifestyle.In 5 Reality Love Lessons from Lets Talk About Pep , Sandra is applauded for dating not only outside of her race but also outside of her type. If only a small section highlight this pairing then the message isn’t reaching as far as it could. As we all know there’s a lack of interest in anything that paints a positive image of black women…much less a women who dates asian men.*rolling my eyes*But in another way I am surprised because Lets Talk about Pep is just another reality dating show and should get the gossip.

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